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Team Telephrreaky takes a pre-deserved break before starting the day’s action in Courmayeur, Italy . . . we organized their Tour du Mont Blanc and  found a few extra hikers to add to their group


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The Concept
You want to head to the Himalayas with your people for a big adventure but aren’t sure where to go or how to get it done.  Or, maybe you just don’t want to juggle the endless details and would prefer to let the planning to someone else.  We’re open to organizing for other destinations as well, but the Nepal Himalaya are what we know best.

Available Guides

Himalaya specialists Ang Dendi Sherpa and/or Jerry Lapp, a local guide at another destination, or go self-guided
Who’s in Your Group?
It’s always great to travel with family; kids are often better hikers than we are and we can easily design a tour that will be appealing to young and old.  Other groups might be your local hiking club, old friends or classmates, a work team, school groups, sports clubs, and so forth.
There’s trekking – what else? Our scheduled tours usually head to the High Himalaya above 17,000 ft and last for two weeks or more.  However, Nepal has a wide variety of much easier and shorter trekking opportunities from day hikes around Pokhara and Kathmandu to multi-day treks between 4,000 and 12,000 ft; many with eye-popping views of the Himalaya.  Other popular activities are river rafting, paragliding, wildlife safaris, birdwatching, yoga retreats, mountain flights, and one of our favorites, mountain biking.


Ang Dendi Sherpa is our lead guide in the Himalaya and has guided extensively in Nepal, Tibet, and even the European Alps.  Apart from a brilliant climbing resumé, including Everest, he’s endlessly optimistic and inspires big confidence in all his trekkers.


If you want to be spoiled, opt for a fully-supported trek with an intrepid crew of Sherpa porters . . .  you’ll carry only a daypack with snacks and a few extra supplies each day.  Or, if you prefer some solitude in the mountains, go it alone using only our logistical backing.  Here are a few of the best trekking areas in the High Himalaya and beyond.


Trekking Destinations

The Langtang Valley

Sunset view of Langtang Lirung and the mountains of Tibet as seen from Gosaikunda Point

The Langtang Valley is just 30 miles north of Kathmandu and has wonderful access from the city itself with an easy taxi ride to the trailhead in the village of Sundarijal, just under the rim of the Kathmandu Valley.  Adjoining trekking areas include Helambu, Gosaikunda Lakes, and the Tamang Heritage Trail.  Add one or more to Langtang to string together a longer trek. ▲

The Everest Region

Home of the biggest mountains in the world, we love to go up the less-traveled Gokyo Valley on our way to Everest Base Camp.  Here’s the photo review of our 2017 Student Service Adventure to the lower reaches of the area ~
Team #noshavenepal Hikes the Himalaya ▲

The Annapurnas

With a bit of extra rain gear, the Himalaya can be trekked throughout the monsoon summer . . .the Annapurna Himalaya, though, receives much less rain than the rest of the country and so is one of the best areas of Nepal for summer trekking.  The Annapurnas also sport a wide variety of terrain from beginner to expert/low altitude to high altitude. ▲


Manaslu & the Tsum Valley

Manaslu is another giant of this world, weighing in at #8 on the altitude meter; the loop around Manaslu is not heavily trekked but still has lodges throughout;  approach the Tibet border in a number of spots, including the magnificent side trip to the Tsum Valley  ~  photo credit Alex Treadway▲


Europe’s Tour du Mont Blanc

Dendi’s leading our Tour du Mont Blanc this summer and climbed Mont Blanc itself a few years ago; the TMB is a stunning 11-day loop that draws a circle around Western Europe’s highest and snowiest peak, rewarding its challengers with wine and cheese each evening.  Check out the photo story of our most recent TMB . . .
Team Telephrreaky Treks the Tour



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Elaborately adorned Buddhist monasteries dot the vast, elevated terrain of the Tibetan Plateau . . . travel to Tibet’s Everest Base Camp or take on the three-day pilgrimage trek around Mt Kailash.  The photo story tells all ~
The Spiritual Bachelors Take on Tibet 


So, you’re not a professional hiker?  No problem!

A number of things make trekking in Nepal more inviting to those who may not hike on a regular basis.

You carry only a daypack, not a big backpack . . . our precocious porters do the heavy lifting, transporting your big backpack or duffel bag to the next mountain lodge.
You don’t have to camp, ever, unless you want to, we’ll be happy to build it in.  Truthfully though, I rarely camp in the Himalaya and it’s better that way.
Show up with a mediocre amount of fitness, suffer a bit the first few days, then watch in amazement as your body rises to the challenge and you end up in the best shape of your life!
Alternate routes at different points along the way often give us an out for anyone who, for whatever reason, may not be feeling up to the task of tackling some of the more difficult days.
It might be weird to head to the Himalaya and not trek, but it can be done, and very successfully.  Nepal has so much color, religion, friendly people, and exotic culture that the Himalaya could just be viewed as a bonus.


Contact Your Tour Organizer

Skychasers, LLC, our Sherpas, and I are honored to organize and lead your Trek . . . we specialize in mountain adventures, particularly in the High Himalaya, but in other locales as well.  Get in touch with me, Jerry, to check on the possibilities for a custom tour.
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