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A Sherpa displays a broken trekking pole in the snowy mountains of Langtang
Anytime:  Your Custom Tour

Bring us your idea for a custom tour of the Himalaya.  We’ll refine it, add to it, and set you up with our local guide, Ang Dendi Sherpa, and his crew of porters if you need support.  Otherwise, let us take care of the planning to deliver your best bang for the buck and show you all that Nepal has to offer.  Did you know Nepal also has wild rhinos, leopards, elephants and other big game?  See them all post-trek on a safari through Chitwan National Park as a nice relaxing reward for your efforts in the mountains.  Read more . . .


Some will fall in love with life

And drink it from a fountain

That is pouring like an avalanche

Coming down the mountain

Butthole Surfers / Pepper / 1996

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