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“Langtang Rising”: The Role of the Listener in Story-Telling

FEBRUARY 18, 2016 ~ JENNIFERB773 Dear Readers, I would like to introduce you to a community of displaced persons that I have had the opportunity to work with during my time here in Kathmandu.  This is the community that I have written about to you before as my work with them reaches back into the … Continue reading “Langtang Rising”: The Role of the Listener in Story-Telling

Understanding Identity Within Nepal’s Current Crisis

DECEMBER 15, 2015 ~ 5 COMMENTS Dear Readers, Understanding identity—understanding the concept, understanding others, understanding my identity—has been an unexpected journey that has brought many contradictions into my life. Contradictions that clarify the mysterious nature that comprises identity, bringing me closer to understanding who I am, revealing my identity components, my identity markers, but also … Continue reading Understanding Identity Within Nepal’s Current Crisis

Learning, Remembering, and Continuing

DECEMBER 3, 2015 ~ 2 COMMENTS Dear Readers, These past days have been filled with the magic that new experiences bring coupled with the warmth that comes with familiarity. Last week, my friend Dhan Subedi traveled to Nepal for his wedding ceremony. Dhan’s father, Prem, was my first Nepalese friend. About four years ago Prem … Continue reading Learning, Remembering, and Continuing